Local Author launches ‘The Dowrra’ series

It had all the appearances of a masquerade ball but what it was, was a book launch in celebration of¬† (Ashley) A.A.¬† Gordon’s,¬† ‘The Dowrra’ series, that include ‘The Wayside’ and ‘Bloodline’ with a total of five or six books planned.

Held at the Queen’s Bar & Grill in Port Elgin on Friday, July 20th, there were masks of every description and colour as Gordon’s fans turned out for the launch.

  A. A. Gordon and partner Daniel Egan

Growing up in Markdale and having studied English, philosophy, history, sociology, psychology, and language studies at university in Toronto, Gordon now lives in Southampton with her partner Daniel Egan where she continue to write.

   Incognito fans came out in support

Liam Devlin-Gordon, Leslie Devlin and Lexi Fawcett

Bruce Power CEO & President Mike Rencheck and wife, Carol were seen

Author’s father Vince Gordon and wife, Jennifer

  Lisa Lavigne, Susan Robinson, Chad                    Nevill and Rebecca Schlorff

Guess Who??

Through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, she independently published her work allowing her to get her books out to the public.

The paranormal ‘erotica’ series are tales of vampires and humans struggling not only between each other but also within their own populations.

With mystery and erotica, the series is quickly becoming a popular read.