Long-term care homes facing staffing challenges

At the recent County of Bruce meeting on June 16th, the Long-Term Care Homes Committee of Management submitted an update on the two long-term care homes in Wiarton and Walkerton.

Gateway Haven retirement home in Wiarton has achieved a designation as a Best Practice Spotlight organization thru the Registered Nursing Association of Ontario.

The designation means that the home has implemented best practice guidelines (BPG) over the course of a three-year period and has demonstrated that they have adopted evidence-based practices that support systematic and consistent approaches to providing quality care for residents.

Staffing challenges however, continue in both Wiarton’s Gateway Haven and Brucelea Haven in Walkerton due to a number of factors including a number of vacant lines, staff illness, summer vacations and the number of staff off due to high-risk contacts. The use of agency staff therefore, continues to be high due to vacancies, outbreaks and preparing for summer holidays.

Each home hosted a week-long staff appreciation event which included activities such as a BBQ, Coffee/Treats, Pizza, prizes, and games.

Gateway Haven is currently recruiting for the positions of Administrator, Director of Nursing and Environmental Manager. Ryan Gibbs has accepted the position of Administrative Supervisor at Gateway Haven while PrimaCare Living Solutions joined the team at Gateway Haven to temporarily fill the Administrator’s role.Β Β At Brucelea Haven Ashley Traut accepted the position of Administrative Supervisor.

Family and Resident Councils are active in both homes (total of 4 councils). These councils provide an opportunity for both family and residents to have direct discussions with each other and staff if requested by Council. The Administrator is generally asked to attend all meetings of both groups and senior staff (Nursing, Environmental) also receive invitations to attend. Both homes hosted Family and Friends Town Halls which were well attended.