New Perspectives: October Hollyhocks by Rev. Heather McCarrel

Mike B/Pexels

Recently, I met a man whose life is spent traveling the world.  He works for a major airline and as one of the pilots he has seen much of the world.  It was interesting to hear of the places he has lived, the people he has met and the variety of cultures he has experienced.  I marveled at all he must have seen.

As one who has lived 55 years with my feet firmly planted on the ground I cannot imagine such a life as his. After sharing his latest adventure in South America he turned the conversation to me and asked where I have traveled.

It just so happened the previous Sunday I had been the guest minister an hour north of where I live.  I explained the early morning drive up the peninsula along Georgian Bay and the remarkable autumn views.  I shared that as I arrived to the church I was amazed by the row of tall Hollyhocks in full bloom waving in the breeze.  Never in my life had I seen Hollyhocks blooming in October! They were the cause of such delight I spoke of them in my sermon that morning.

It was here in my telling that I paused ready to apologize for how simple my life must seem.  But to my surprise he was full of questions, “Where is this scenic route up the peninsula? How tall were these flowers? When do they usually bloom?”

He didn’t make me feel small at all but instead was fully engaged in the wonder of my Sunday morning adventure.

It doesn’t matter if we travel the world or are contented in our own backyard, what makes all the difference is the attitude we take with us.  The attitude of wonder, awe and remaining open to others makes life a magnificent journey!

Blessings on your journey this week may it be full of wonder,