Process should not be rushed says reader

To the Editor:

I have reviewed the plans and comments by Mr. Donini and have the following comments in opposition to this beach development:
  • the structures are too large – 68,000 square feet on a two-storey level is out of scale for a beach of our size – it is too large and I do not believe a ‘banquet hall’ would serve the needs of the community – this is for profit not our community
  • the structures of this size are too close to the beach, diminishing the aesthetic nature of the area and surrounding residences and businesses and would ruin rather than enhance our small beach area
  • the plan for development is out of scale for a property of this size
  • Mr. Donini has said this is a restoration – a restoration of what?  years ago the facility near the beach was NOT of this magnitude
  • lease/rent to the Town – what community would opt out of regular substantial lease payments to a business making money on its investment? – payments should not be ‘offset’ by payments in kind for activities for the public – is that the tax paying public?  if profits are made, then the Town should be getting something to offset the taxes charged to residents in Saugeen Shores – although I understand there would be taxes payable by them, lease payments should reflect sensible business practice – would the owners be willing to share profits with the Town?  if not, the lease charge should reflect a positive monetary gain for the community – certainly the proposed business is not a charity – why should taxpayers not be compensated for land that belongs to the Town residents?
The Town should not be ‘rushing‘ this process and should look at additional avenues of beach development and usage.  I urge council to act in the best interests of the residents of Saugeen Shores.
Respectfully,  Wanda Dzierzanowski