Reader wants County Council to rescind demolition decision

To the Editor:

I have sent the following letter to the appointed members of the Bruce county council and the mayor of Saugeen Shores urging them to reconsider and rescind their decision to demolish an important historical house in Southampton, ON. I hope that you can draw much needed attention to this unpopular idea.

March 14, 2019. Letter 2

To whom it may concern on the Bruce county council,
S. Hammell, M. Twolan, M. Mciver, R. Buckle, J. Jackson, A. Eadie, C. Peabody, L. Charbonneau,

It has come to my attention that there is a plan to demolish ‘ the rectory ’ at 254 High St. Southampton, even though there is no future plan for the property and a large movement of concerned citizens oppose it.

This seems to me to be a hasty decision as to the future of this location. Perhaps the house could be looked after until a decision agreeable to the citizens of Southampton can be made for the future of the property.

I believe the original intention of the property was to house archives for the museum. A museum is by definition a building that is designed to display objects of historical, artistic, cultural, and of scientific significance. Therefore to demolish a building that is historical, artistic and cultural, to make way for storage, rather than incorporating it in the new plan, seems ‘In My opinion’ to be a flawed plan.
There are so many examples all over the world which have incorporated old buildings with new additions. I know that a presentation by Charles Hazel was recently made, sighting the many benefits of marrying the old with the new. It shows a sensitivity to the community, that is creative and requires imagination. These are qualities people, including tourists admire.

It is important to value beautiful, historical buildings that bear witness to Ontario’s past.

I am hoping that the county will reconsider their decision.


Nancy Wilson