Scenes from Pumpkinfest 2018

                                                                 Chantry Singers open with O’Canada

Seed Spitting Contest

   Seed Spitter Champion again – Georgian Bluffs Mayor Al Barfoot with grandhildren Ellie and Maddie            Clark and Marissa and Kirby Barfoot

                                                         Giant Vegetables

Some winning weights:

  • Winning Pumpkin:   1,871.5 lbs.            Watermelon:  175 lbs.
  • Bushel Gourd:  223 lbs.                         Field Pumpkin:  1,085 lbs.
  • Cabbage:  14.725 lbs.                           Rutebaga:  17.265 lbs.
  • Carrot:  6.45 lbs.                                  Tomato:  4.65 lbs.
  • Cucumber:  18.51 lbs.                           Parsnip:  7.34 lbs.

Out ‘n’ About

                                               Crowds filled the streets of Port Elgin on Saturday

                                                                        The Court Family of Growers
                (L) Tamri Court, Madison Ashton, Braeden Ashaton, Louise and Doug Court and Courtney Ashton

                    The Court Family ‘logo’