Six new Commemorative Banners added in Remembrance

(L) Southampton Legion Sgt. at Arms, Charlie Schmalz, President John Willetts and historian Bill Streeter

With Remembrance Day just around the corner, it’s a time to reflect and remember those who served in time of war.

In Southampton and Port Elgin, banners will soon line the main streets with those local young men who went to war never to return.

The Commemorative Banner project supported by both the Port Elgin and Southampton Legion, was begun by Bill Streeter, a passionate war historian, to honour those young men who served in both World Wars and the Boer War.

This year, six new banners will be added to the 39; each banner is approximately four ft. x two ft. and bears a veteran’s name, photo and service in army, navy or air force. The banners will remain until Remembrance Day.

“This is not just about WWI and II,” says Streeter, “but all those from our community who died while in uniform.  Each of them has a story … they were sons, brothers, husbands, boyfriends.  Fifty-six died in World War I and 25 in World War II and one in the Boer War, Gordon Cummings.”

The Town of Saugeen Shores Municipal Heritage Committee, in collaboration with the local Royal Canadian Legions, is continuing the program and anyone wishing to get more information on this Saugeen Shores historic initiative, please call the Town of Saugeen Shores’ Deputy Clerk Tracey Edwards at 519 – 832 – 2008 Ext. 105 or by email at