Someone took great effort to destroy Fish Hatchery decoy

Saugeen Shores Councilor Dave Myette also wears another hat as Treasurer for the Lake Huron Fishing Club (LHFC).

Both Port Elgin and Kincardine fish hatcheries are completely operated by volunteers with limited funding from the Ministry of Natural Resource and Fisheries (MNRF) and through donations.

Each year, the hatcheries raise salmon and trout that are then released into fresh water rivers that empty into Lake Huron.

For several years, the Club has also carried out an elementary school outreach program with some 50 schools in Huron and Bruce counties.

In Saugeen Shores, the ‘town pond’ which is adjacent to the hatchery, has provided fishing opportunities for children each summer.  Unfortunately, there have been many birds who also like to enjoy the fish.  In an attempt to frighten and deter the fish-eating birds so that there would be more for the children to catch and release, Myette recently installed a ‘decoy alligator’ in the pond.

It appears however, that someone went to great effort to destroy the decoy that was tied to a heavy cinder block.
                                                                         Photo by Dave Myette
Dave Myette and wife, Melinda, went to the pond on Thursday, May 28th, to pull up the block and found several Mepps lures on the rope that held the alligator to the block along with various pieces of fishing line.
“It appears that whoever did this would cast out until they hooked onto the rope and would then pull it closer,” says Melinda Myette.  “We found the body piece but whoever did this took the head.  David is very disappointed not only in the behavior but also because he was making the effort for children.”
Whoever did this surreptitious deed, can also surreptitiously return the head to the hatchery anonymously.