Southampton lives up to its English heritage with ‘Tee Line Tea Time’

One never knows what the ladies of the Southampton Curling Club are going to do when they host the annual “Women’s FUNspiel”.

This year at the third annual FUNspiel, it was all about tea time … High Tea time, complete with fascinators, garden chapeaux and “tea” (hmmm) served in Royal Dalton tea cups.

Eight teams took part in the bonspiel on January 22nd with curlers from throughout Bruce County, including Wiarton, Allenford, Tara, Bluewater, Port Elgin and the host of Southampton.

The event is a fundraiser for the Southampton club and generally is a lead-up to other local spiels in the area.

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      The volunteer ‘kitchen girls’ were also all ‘decked out’ in their high-tea fascinators (L) Lorna Roberts, Kelly Ferguson, Heather Conlin, Ann Wilkie and                                                 Joan Cunningham