The Shadow Man and U.S. Elections

The Shadow Man and U.S. Elections

Some time ago a reader questioned my writing about Donald Trump. His point was, I think, a matter of focus. Are the thousands of readers who read the Saugeen Times daily only interested in hyper-local, community news?

A better question might be – am I qualified to give a considered opinion that might help readers put the Trump era into perspective relative to Canadians? That question is open to debate.

I do think Bruce County is subject to the reach of Trump. We’ve seen that in the extensive trade negotiations between Mexico, the United States and Canada. These have a long reach. To date Trump has not looked closely at the power grid and the cost of electricity. The grid is not immune to Trump’s limited attention span. I can’t imagine what he could dream up relative to Bruce Power.

I will try to pass on some new information that might help us look at the man named who is so strange to me.. I grew up trusting leaders in the UK, Canada and the USA. I don’t trust Trump.

By accident I found a talk given at Oxford University by Tony Swartz the (ghost) writer of ‘The Art of the Deal’. The lecture was given two years ago prior to the 2016 presidential election.

If you have the time, you will have all you need to know and evaluate The Shadow Man named Donald Trump –