Town Council approves agreement for Cedar Crescent Village development

The Town of Saugeen Shores is pleased to announce an advancement in the revitalization and renewal of its world-class waterfront.  Town Council has authorized the next steps to develop the Cedar Crescent Village (CCV) on the edge of Port Elgin Beach. The CCV will provide a facility for tourism- and recreation-related business to serve the community.

The move comes six months after the Town’s Committee of the Whole recommended entering into a Site Works and Servicing Agreement with the project’s developer.  Since then, the developer has executed the agreement and submitted plans and drawings that will finalize the project and support the waterfront development.

“With this decision we have taken another significant step in the ongoing revitalization of Port Elgin’s Main Beach”, says Mayor Luke Charbonneau. “The Cedar Crescent Village includes amenities that will add to the beach experience for all residents and visitors.  As our community grows, we are continuing to develop exciting recreation opportunities that will support an outstanding quality of life in Saugeen Shores for years to come.”

The developer responded to a Request for Proposal to develop the previous Station site at the Port Elgin Main Beach. The goal is to create a pedestrian amenity space including restaurant and retail opportunities as well as a permanent location for market activities.

Additionally, the project provides for landscaping and a protected corridor along the project’s eastern edge to support safe movement and mingling.

While the project is a private venture operating on leased public land, the Town retains control of:

•             The overall quality and character of the project
•             The integration of the project within the Waterfront Master Plan
•             The impact of the project on parking and traffic
•             The project’s sustainability
•             Enforcement of any by-laws and/or federal and provincial laws

The project developer will need to receive a building permit in the next three months and has agreed to complete the project within two years after that.  The developer has also agreed to make sure visitors can still enjoy the beach while the project is being built.

Meanwhile Council has also endorsed the preparation of a schedule and cost estimate to begin the Town’s work to further the Waterfront Master Plan at the Port Elgin Main Beach, including ways to make parking and traffic on the beach more efficient and user-friendly.