Trillium Grant boosts Southampton Arts community engagement

On Friday, June 21st, MPP Lisa Thompson met with representatives from Southampton Arts (SA) as they outlined the impact that their $77,700 Resilient Communities Fund grant from the provincial government’s Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) has had. The year-long grant, awarded in the spring of 2023, has been used to enhance the arts’ group’s community presence and improve its e-commerce capabilities, benefiting local artists, students and the wider community. 

  (L) Fred Kuntz (Art Gallery Board of Directors Chair), MPP Lisa Thompson and Linda Spruce                        (Funding Development Coordinator) – photo by Saugeen Times

“Southampton Arts plays an integral part in this community, providing people of all ages with opportunities to get involved with the arts and giving local artists a platform to showcase their work,” said Lisa Thompson, MPP Huron-Bruce. “I’m pleased that through this investment, the Ontario Trillium Foundation is ensuring that this organization can continue leveraging the latest technologies to increase their reach and strengthen the community ties that make Huron-Bruce such a great place to live and visit.”

The grant enabled Southampton Arts to buy advanced camera and video equipment, allowing it to capture and share tours, artist interviews, and comprehensive gallery inventories, thereby preserving the rich history and dynamic present of its artistic endeavors and making them accessible to a broader audience. By upgrading their website to accommodate the sale of classes and artwork, SA is expanding its reach beyond its physical location and making their programs and services available to a wider demographic. These efforts to increase e-commerce capabilities ensure that SA can continue to support and nurture their community into the future.

Board of Directors Chair Fred Kuntz and MPP Lisa Thompson discuss the Gallery

“We are immensely grateful to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for their generous support,” said Fred Kuntz, Chair of the Board of Directors at Southampton Arts. “This grant helps us to promote education through the arts, making local artists more visible in the community and empowering more people to express their own creativity.” 

“Whether it’s helping people learn new things, connect with their community, or simply have fun, organizations like Southampton Arts deliver experiences that make a difference,” said Stan Cho, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Gaming. “That’s why grant support through the Ontario Trillium Foundation is so important. This funding will help ensure that the Southampton Arts remains at the heart of the community for decades to come.”

Southampton Arts believes in the power of art as a vital tool for problem-solving, creative thinking, self-discovery, and overall well-being. The organization thrives on collaboration, creating a culture of warmth and belonging where everyone is welcome. The Centre strives to grow in ways that make its community proud, upholding the distinguished history and legacy of Southampton Arts.

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