Winter still a busy time of year in Saugeen Shores

There is no doubt that the staff at Meridian Credit Union in Port Elgin are in the holiday spirit.

On Friday (Dec. 18), they donned their ‘wacky Friday Christmas garb’ … hmmm, hard to decide who was the wackiest!

Not to be outdone, ‘Rose’ at Rowland’s Independent Grocer never lets a special occasion go by without getting into the ‘spirit’ and giving customers a reason to smile.

Down the street, at Gord’s Imprints & Designs, it was collection time for Saugeen Shores Super Fan, Violet (Vi) Cottrill’s birthday cards.

Vi is the town’s expert when it comes to local sports and, as she celebrates her 85th birthday on Saturday (Dec. 19th), residents were dropping off cards at Gord’s business.


As winter sets in, there are still many sightings of wildlife in the area, especially around Miramichi Bay on Lake Huron.

              Out for a stroll on the ice … don’t know why haven’t left for the sunny south
   This young buck was captured on camera at night …
                   … not far behind was a coyote – photos by Jim McKnight