Annual Spring Prom a big hit for the young-at-heart

Proms have always been recognized as an end to a school era for young people but, at the Southampton Care Centre, the Spring Prom on May 14th was a celebration for the young-at-heart.

                                                        Everyone was in their finest attire for the ‘Prom’

It’s strange how the memory works but, for many, music plays an integral role when remembering the past.

At the Care Centre, the Spring Prom is a time to dress up, enjoy the music and step out on the dance floor for those who still want to trip the light fantastic and reminisce through the music.

For 12 students from Saugeen District Secondary School (SDSS), it was an opportunity to take part in an ‘early prom’ as ‘prom dates’ and engage with another generation.  “These young people are amazing,” said a staff person, “they are so wonderful with our residents.”

From music and singers from bygone eras such as the crooning of Frank Sinatra (Old Blue Eyes), Johnny Cash and the big band sounds, entertainer Paul Hock had everyone singing along and up on the dance floor.

Student Madi Hobson and resident  Dave Shular ‘danced up a storm’

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The Spring Prom that began in Southampton in 2016 under the initiative of Chaplain Eileen Wolfe, has now become a tradition within the Care Centres throughout the Jarlett organization that owns and operates the Centres.