Breakers swim team celebrates with year-end awards

Recently, Breakers Swim Team swimmers, coaches, and parents celebrated the end of the 2018 โ€“ 2019 season with their season end Banquet and Awards ceremony.

The event was held at the Lakeshore Recreation Centre and included the teamโ€™s Annual General Meeting, awards ceremony, and election of new Directors for the 2019 โ€“ 2020 season.

2018-2019 Swimmer of the Year, Jayson Horseman, along side Hannah Kent, the recipient of the Stan Clements Memorial Award

The Top Age Group Swimmers included Cassie Richardson, Emma Aldridge and Zachary McEwen.

Most Dedicated Age Group Swimmers included Brooklyn Banks, Mwema Mukenge and Brady Phillips.

The Most Improved Age Group Swimmers for the season included Audrey Von Hatten, Abhinav Shankar and Michelle Wang.

Sportsmanship is a core value of the team and the Most Sportsmanship awards were given to Kimya Etedali-Zadeh, Yuhai Mukenge and Braydon Reid.

The Spring Fundraising draw winners were also announced. First prize was awarded to Wendy Kobe, second prize to Lisa Von Hatten and third prize was awarded to Mike Law.

Elected to the Board of Directors for the 2019 โ€“ 2020 season were Bernhard Schropp, Ruth Kent and Walter Banks.

Even though the 2019 season has ended, the team is already preparing for the 2019 โ€“ 2020 season which starts in September. New swimmers are welcome and anyone can try out for the team, for two weeks, for FREE. Registration starts on Wednesday September 4th, 2019 at the Saugeen Shores Leisure Fair.

For more information on the Breakers Swim Team visit: www.breakersswimteam.comย .