Brucelea Haven admissions to open March 13th

Bruce County Council is proud to announce that the admissions action plan has been approved by the Ministry of Long-Term Care and we will be welcoming new admissions at Brucelea Haven effective March 13th of this year.

The final Compliance Order and Director’s Order for Brucelea Haven were lifted by the Ministry of Long-Term Care on Friday, February 21, 2020. The County recognizes and appreciates all the work and support that has gone into this journey to ensure Brucelea Haven provides a caring, safe and compassionate home for all residents.

This is an accomplishment of a team of engaged members contributing and believing in providing the highest level of care to our residents.

“As we continue our journey the County of Bruce is committed to ensuring that Brucelea Haven and Gateway Haven are considered to be two of the top homes in the Province. The County of Bruce would like to reinforce that we will continue on the path to explore new ways to enhance the quality of care we provide to our residents,” said Bruce County Warden, Mitch Twolan.

“This is great news for Bruce County and the surrounding area, as open, available beds are now ready to once again serve our community,” adds Bruce County Councilor and Chair of the Homes Committee, Chris Peabody. “We have worked closely with Primacare Living Solutions and the Ministry of Long-Term Care to get to this point in our journey. The changes we have introduced will enhance our care and service, not only meeting the needs of our residence but exceeding them. On behalf of Bruce County, I would like to thank the large extended team across our organization and other organizations – we truly appreciate the support and look forward to welcoming new residents to our home.”

Primacare Living Solutions is an established long-term care provider, highly regarded in the field and they have committed to supporting the County to at least the end of 2020. In August 2019, Bruce County initially engaged Primacare to support the efforts to bring the home into compliance with provincial standards.

Jill Knowlton, Chief Operating Officer for Primacare Living Solutions, who also was present said, “Thank you for the opportunity to work with Bruce County Long Term Care Homes, Brucelea Haven and Gateway Haven. I commend County Council for taking the swift and immediate action that they have. We are proud that our work with Brucelea Haven has brought the Home into compliance with all requirements, ensuring a best in class Home for our residents, their families and our staff. Both Homes provide an exemplary experience for those in our care.”

Brucelea Haven administration will liaise with Home and Community Care to begin the process immediately.