Ward system of government doomed to fall says reader

To the Editor:
Tomorrow, March 9th, Councillors are anticipated to all vote with the CAO’s recommendation to “trust the good judgement of Staff” on the last bit of decision-making for Saugeen Shores (Port Elgin) waterfront, which means in my opinion, the Ward System of Government will fall soon.
It will, I suspect, be a tag-team push from Mayor Luke and CAO David Smith at election time, to plebiscite a formal change.
Thus, it will be the end of Southampton as we know it, despite assurances at the time of amalgamation that the community would retain its distinct character.
I also really feel for the almost 5,000 petitioners against the proposed Port Elgin Beach development, because ‘good judgement of Staff’ essentially puts them in the dark.
Tuesday morning we will have a very sober knowledge.
Gord Boyd