Eight local students attend Youth Arts Gala at Queen’s Park

February 19th was the long awaited Youth Arts Gala in the Legislative Building at Queens Park to celebrate the artistic talents of students age 12-18 throughout Ontario.

After submitting their artwork in the fall, and receiving notification that they had been selected to represent Ontario youth, eight G.C. Huston students and their families set out on a three-hour journey to Toronto to see their art on display in the West Wing of the building.

                (L-R) Jeri Carter, Naiemah Kagige, Ava Johnson, Lexis Ritchie, Aiden Sky, Lucas Misquadis,                                                                       Dakoda Thompson & Mhiingan Kahgee

Students and guests were formally welcomed through the grand front entrance, entertained by an acapella group from the University of Toronto and addressed by the Speaker of the House, Ted Arnott.  They enjoyed a selection of catered hors d’oeuvres and pastries while viewing the artwork of their peers, and their own, all securely locked in glass display cases.


{Aiden Sky


Lucas Misquadis}




“If the saying holds true that everyone will have 15 minutes of fame, then these young artists can say they have achieved that and more!  They were excited, nervous, and above all else they were proud, as we all were,” said G. C. Huston Vice-Principal, Patricia Holm.

They also had a guided tour of the Legislative Chamber that was an unexpected educational opportunity for all.


The students have already had requests from several other local galleries to display their artwork after the exhibition in Toronto.

So proud, so proud.