Get together for Nellie Perry at the Quinnell family farm on Puslinch Lake

Long time Southampton resident Nellie Perry will be celebrating her 100th birthday later this year.

For many years she has been active in the Saugeen Shores Lawn Bowling Club, the Chantry Seniors Centre, St. Paul’s Anglican Church, the Sauble Sandpipers Senior centre and other groups throughout the community.

The family farm where Nellie was raised is located on the western side of Puslinch Lake just off the Cambridge Townline. It remains in the Quinnell family and her nephew Dan and his wife Gerri live there.

Nellie leads the way to the barn for                                a photo

Dan and Gerri recently welcomed Nellie, her children, her grandchildren and great grandchildren to a family gathering at the farm. They were joined by other relatives for the special day.

                                                The whole family gathers for a photo

The house that Nellie was raised in remains, but a large addition has been added. The barn is also there but with new exterior boards. It was almost 90 years ago that the Quinnell family first visited Southampton and, shortly after that first visit, Nellie’s parents purchased property on Turner Street north of the river. This was the family cottage for many years and more than 40 years ago Nellie and her husband Stan built their retirement home on part of the property and that is home for Nellie to this day.

          Daughter Jean Morrison (L) and family

It was a big thrill for Nellie to have her family around her at her original home and it was also an enjoyable time for them. Lunch snacks and a supper time barbeque filled the day. The younger kids played games, swam in the pool and flew kites around the spacious property.

Nellie with son Paul and his wife Bernie




 Son-in-law Bill Streeter and family





A wonderful day was had by all.

It will only be a few months before the gang gets together again to celebrate Nellie’s actual 100th Birthday.