Heritage is not being honoured by town says reader

To the Editor:

There is a vote tomorrow night (Feb. 11/19), at the Town Council meeting to abandon our Waterfront Master Plan’s ‘Authentic Story Section’ and its Waterfront Committee and the label of the many historic relics, particularly along Saugeen Street in Southampton and to move the Marine Railway Winch to Pioneer Park from Alice Street.

Again, in my opinion, this breaks the ‘Amalgamation Promise’ that each Community, Southampton and Port Elgin, would and should celebrate each community in a way that each sees fit.

If this vote takes place, we would be devoid of a committee to have Community involvement and cross-ward Councilor learning.  Town staff seem to think they know best.

A Master Plan is a contract with each of us. The Mayor should delay any vote to allow more input to our Ward Councillors. 

The Town’s CAO should reconsider Southampton’s and others’ pride of our history and how to speak out; how to move forward.  THIS IS THE GAP IN HIS RECOMMENDATION.

These authentic stories and the telling of them is what brings people back and what visitors tell others when they return.  It is what builds Community and develops tourism.

The CAO has not allowed for any of this, and this is an important component of our Waterfront MasterPlan – Page 17, presented by Director, Parks and Recreation.

We are not happy with this short notification.

Gord Boyd, Southampton
(a Founder of Waterfront Master Plan Committee 2011.)