Hwy. 21 blocked due to fire at Saugeen First nation

Hwy. 21 was closed to traffic on Saturday, May 1st, afternoon at Saugeen First Nation due to a fire at a residence on Hwy. 21.

Hwy. 21 blocked

The alarm was sounded at approximately 5:00 p.m. at the residence and, according to Saugeen Fire Chief, Spencer Ritchie, the entire structure was engulfed in flames when firefighters arrive.  “Our team of 13 men and women responded within minutes. We know the owner wasn’t home and we believe there was no-one else in the home at the time as everyone has been accounted for.”

Chief Ritchie said that the department had to wait for the arrival of Hydro as they did not want to apply water when there was ‘live’ electricity.

He also said that the cause is arson and they have one lead as to who it may have been and that it may be the second arson of a home attributed to the same person.

   Fire Chief Spencer Ritchie (L) and firefighter                            Wade Kewagehig