KEPCO steps forward to help with SDSS ‘Playscape Project’

Saugeen District Senior School (SDSS) has received another helping hand in its fundraising effort for the ‘Playscape Beautification and Enhancement Project’.

KEPCO Engineering & Construction Company, Inc. (KEPCO E&C), a Bruce Power supplier that has recently moved into Port Elgin (Saugeen Shores), donated $200 to the project on Thursday, February 13th.

              Karen Fehr (SCC fundraiser organizer), Keum Hee Nam of KEPCO, Principal Melissa MacEwan and                                                                         Kerri Gallop (SCC member)

Karen Fehr, School Community Council (SCC) for SDSS, organized a fundraiser with all proceeds going towards the project.  “We discussed with the students a number of ideas to make not only visual improvements but also ones that include the addition of practical items for the students to use.  Some of the ideas that came forward from them were more sitting areas or benches, a swing set and another basketball net.”

Kerri Gallop of the SCC pointed out that, with grades 7 and 8 now at the school, “There are students as young as 11 and they wanted a swing set.”

SDSS now has 827 students with the recent transition of grades 7 and 8 elementary students to the school.  According to Fehr, it is anticipated that this number will, in all probability, increase over the next few years.  “We have reached out to several companies and organizations in the community as the project will affect many local children who will be coming into the school.  We are very appreciative that corporate donors, such as KEPCO are coming forward to help.”

Fehr said that approximately $9,700 has been raised so far. “Outdoor play ground equipment is very expensive today as it all has to be ‘up to standards’.  Southport Horticultural Society has also pledged a new bench which is an in-kind donation of some $1,500.”