Krystyne’s Kitchen teaches about nutritious and delicious food

As kids line up to get into Krystyne’s Kitchen cooking classes for kids, Kidz Cuisine presented by the Southampton Art School each summer, it demonstrates how interested kids are in cooking and spending time in the kitchen.

The classes take place in the kitchen of Southampton United Church and, when the young chefs leave her class, they are excited about food and about preparing it.  They also learn table etiquette, how to set a table and even how to fold a napkin in many different ways.

Ridley Gilmore (R) watches as young chefs explain their recipes and he then enjoyed the results of their labour … homemade pizza pops

“Often they take that passion home,” says Krystyne Mazur, “and it becomes a new experience for the entire family.”

Krystyne also offers unique cooking lessons for adults.  “Young newlyweds, for instance, may find cooking from scratch daunting,” she says, “but really it’s very simple when you learn how step by step and cooking together can be a new exploration of fun in a relationship.”

“Eating healthy nutritious food prepared from scratch is definitely a passion of mine,” adds Krystyne.  “Coming from a big family, it was something that we just naturally did and it is what I am teaching young people today.”

                                 (R) Krystyne Mazur with her 2019 young chefs

“I want to thank Foodland from Southampton, Rowland’s Independent Grocer from Port Elgin, the Bulk Barn from Port Elgin and the Southampton Meat Market for supporting Kidz Cuisine through the Southampton Art School,” says Krystyne.  ” Their support has been vital in continually allowing me to offer my class through the Southampton Art School.”

Whether it’s one-on-one in your own kitchen, or with a group of friends who want to try something different, a cooking class is fun and … delicious.  Thinking about a special wedding or shower gift, why not think about a gift card from Krystyne’s Kitchen for a cooking class with Krystyne.

For more information visit Krystyne on her Facebook page.