Local church celebrates 100 years

Southport Pentacostal Church, now located on Hwy. 21 between Southampton and Port Elgin, has a long history and, today Sunday October 13th, is celebrating 100 years of serving the communities.

Saugeen Shores Mayor Luke Charbonneau (R) presents a certificate to Pastor David Baker in          recognition of the Southport Pentecostal Church’s longevity and service in the community

In 1919, Reverend John Ball of Owen Sound opened the original Southampton Church in a rented hall above a wagon/ferrier shop in Southampton. There are many stories surrounding the church, such as Rev. J. H. Blair who became the third pastor and rode from Erin Lake every Sunday on an old motorcycle.  It was during his tenure that the church borrowed $1,800 for a Mr. Sternall to buy the property where the church remained for 50 years.

Then, in 1975 with a growing congregation, Reverend Carl Croker led the congregation into a new building project and property was purchased between Southampton and Port Elgin.

Don Hawkey Construction Company was hired to build the new church along with volutneer help to keep costs at a minimum.  The church as it exists today was dedicated on August 7, 1976.

In 1980, Reverend Ronald Struthers began a Christian school that operated for approximately seven years.  Following several pastors, Reverend Carl Croker was again called in as pastor in 1989 when the lower auditorium was completed and renovated through volunteer help.

For 11 years, Pastor David Baker, his wife Heather, and their three children, have been serving at SouthPort Church where the congregation has continued to grow.

photo from Pentacostal website

Baker has a long family history family as his father was also a pastor in Southampton,  He  serves as the Owen Sound Section Pastor and works hard to care for, assist and bring together churches in the area. He is also active in the community in many ways and serves as both a hospital and Saugeen Shores Police Chaplain.

Baker and his wife, Heather, are both gifted musically with Pastor David playing the drums and Heather leading the congregation on the piano Sunday mornings.