Local doctor will renew prescriptions and give telephone advice for orphaned patients

Dr. Don McCulloch has offered his services to assist Saugeen Shores’ local health care system in these unique and trying times. He has agreed to speak with patients via telephone to help keep orphaned patients and non-Saugeen Shores residents out of the local emergency department.
Dr. McCulloch is able to refill prescriptions, write new prescriptions or provide medical advice/counsel. Patients must not have a family doctor and must be able to provide their valid health card upon request.
Patients seeking service are required to email their request to:
medicalfilerequest@gmail.com. Patients will need to include their name and a phone number they can be reached at. Dr. McCulloch will respond with a phone call as soon as he is available, typically within 24 hours.
The number from which he is calling may display on your phone as unidentifiable, so he is asking patients who are waiting for a call to please answer even if no caller ID is present.

For those seeking Dr. McCulloch’s services who do not have access to a computer or email, patients can call 226-930-1851, leave a message with their info and phone number and that will be forwarded via email to the doctor. Email is the preferred method and will be responded to first.

If you are leaving a telephone message, please only include your name and phone number. Do not include any personal medical information. Please leave only one phone message.