Minor Hockey families share their stories – The Gardiner Family

The Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) continues to break down barriers by accentuating positive experiences and challenging myths surrounding families involved in minor hockey.

Three wide-ranging vignettes have been produced to highlight a “Day In the Life”, a series of true stories of average hockey families across the province.  The inaugural videos share individual stories with common threads – love of the game and sense of sports community.

“In many ways, these stories present the broader picture of what it means to be a hockey family – the commitment, the teamwork, highs and lows of a hockey season,” says Ian Taylor, Executive Director of the OMHA. “It’s more than simply playing the sport of hockey. At the end of the day, it’s not the wins and losses that will be remembered, it’s the experience where entire families benefit from the sport and are fulfilled through lifetime friendships and memories.”

Often, myths around travel, inclusion and simply being too busy keep families away from minor hockey, when in fact, the tendency is for families to become closer, meet new people and share a passion at the rink. “We provide numerous levels of hockey, each with varying levels of time and financial commitment,” adds Taylor. “For players and families who want to participate in our sport, we have an option that fits their needs.”

The Gardiner Family
South Muskoka Minor Hockey Association
“Strengthening Ties”

The Gardiner family enjoys the lifelong bonds that hockey has created for their family within their community. It has developed into an active lifestyle for everyone and promoted life skills among the children. The teamwork and friendships built during the season carry over into school and work.