Obituary: ‘Mac’ – September 4, 2021

On September 4th, Mac lost his life.  Gracey King’s mother and her companion, Mac, were in the water at Pioneer Park Beach in Southampton when they were taken by the powerful current of Lake Huron.
Many people came to their aid and King’s mother was saved from drowning by a man identified only has having earrings and a red shirt. He didn’t stay for accolades but only did what he felt was right and then left.
Mac however, could not be saved and his body was swept away by the current.
The beautiful black lab was a 12-year-old spoiled boy and the family only wanted him home again.  Mac was found and is home – but no longer will he run or swim.  He has been laid to rest.
Losing a pet is losing the unconditional love of a family member … one who is loyal, is simply content to be in the same room as his owner, happy to go for a simple walk, meets you at the door with tail wagging and, when the going gets tough is simply there to comfort.
Mac may be physically gone but anyone who has lost a loved pet knows that … memories live forever.