One public meeting not adequate says reader

To the Editor:

We feel that an open public meeting is necessary and warranted to discuss the proposed lease of the Port Elgin beach front.  One public meeting when only a preliminary design concept was being shown is simply not adequate enough for such a major change to the beach front.
We frankly have found that things in regards to the beachfront are moving much too quickly with¬†inadequate public input allowed to be offered .¬† We also feel that this is being done intentionally by many of the “powers that be.” With the current state of natural changing beach front we feel that more time is needed to investigate this natural process and give it much more consideration before having such drastic man-made changes take place on our beautiful shore line.

Rushing this through and the seemingly poor effort at getting information out to the public at large is disturbing to us.  We find this intentional lack of effort at keeping the public informed adequately over an extended period of time and the apparent rush to get it done serves no purpose to the general public.  Does council work for us or dictate to us? Democracy and transparency  appears to be on the decline across the country, province and locally.  Apparently Port Elgin is no exception.

Joseph Paul Phelan
Jill Varey-Phelan
Maggie Marie Phelan
Silas Joseph Phelan