Saugeen Shores Police determined to help ‘Santa’ deliver toys

With Christmas just around the corner, Saugeen Shores Police Service is determined that no child should go without a Christmas morning surprise from ‘Santa’.

On Saturday (Dec. 7) officers were out for their annual ‘Stuff a Cruiser’ toy drive at Mowbray’s Canadian Tire and the local WalMart in Port Elgin in support of the Salvation Army Christmas fund.

Not only were people generous said the officers, they were simply amazing. In one instance, at Canadian Tire, one group brought out six carts full of toys and several times the truck had to be emptied to make room for more.

               (L) Mike and Eleanor Mowbray, Chief Mike Bellai, Auxiliary Officers Zach Zadow, Special                                                                     Constable Zach Mowbray and Terry Vargas
                  (L) Auxiliary Officer Paul Vitez, Constable Mike Cuillerier, Auxiliary Fred Tanton                                                                            and Constable Laurel Hopkins

At the WalMart location, officers said that although toy donations were excellent, the amount of actual dollar donations was astounding.  Officer Cuillerier said, “People have been exceptionally generous donating $20 and more.  It’s a really generous community.”