Port Elgin Waterfront Revitalization project questioned again

At Monday’s (Mar. 9) Saugeen Shores Council meeting on the subject of the Waterfront Revitalization Project, Vice Deputy Mayor Mike Myatt asked Saugeen Shores CAO David Smith to explain the  recent recommendation in his report at February 24th meeting of Council that read:

“That Council retain the approval for the Site Plans and Servicing Agreement, Article 2.1.1; and
That Council retain the initial approval for items listed under Article 4.3.1;
That Staff are hereby authorized to approve subsequent revisions to those items approved as part of 4.3.1 provided the modifications are in general conformity with the overall project; and
That Staff are delegated the authority to approve other items in the lease as outlined in the report, using good judgement and seeking Council direction for items if deemed necessary.”

Myatt also asked for clear examples of what would be brought back to Council and what decisions staff would make.

CAO Smith said that Council approves many leases and it is up to staff to administer the conditions within the context of those leases.  “We use our good judgement and seek Council’s advice when needed.  Staff, in fact, recommended elevating approvals by Council for  two items, planned scheduling and the site plan and aesthetics, which is even more than normal. There is also a built-in, 10-day leeway if Council has to make a decision.”

Smith pointed to a situation where a major change or amendment would be suggested and, then it would go to Council. “For instance, if it is something like slightly changing hours of operation for the tourist office, then staff would handle it.  If however, it was a major change where hours were to be cut drastically, then it would come to Council.”

Mayor Luke Charbonneau said that it is not Council’s job to look after day-to-day activities.  “Council is not structured that way.”