Reader amazed by thoughtful small town gesture

To the Editor:

When I recently arrived home from work, my neighbour who is the owner of the local Pizza Hut, noticed I was hobbling and struggling with a broken foot to get out of my truck to go inside.

He asked me numerous times if he could help but being stubborn I declined his offer.

Later that evening I heard a knock at the door and there he was with hands filled with food for me. He said, “Now you don’t have to cook.” It was amazing and so thoughtful.  I don’t expect anyone to help me and to know that someone cared enough to do that for a relative stranger is just really amazing to me. He even wrote a little note on the box.

Just a little thing that you can only find in a small town!!  I just want the community and my neighbour to know how much I appreciate what he did.  Thank you.


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