Residents want more input to CCV project

To the Editor:

At tonight’s Council Meeting (January 25, 2021)  under the Major Initiatives Report, there was a short paragraph regarding the work of the oversight committee and the CCV.

“Staff are now working to provide project support for the Cedar Crescent Village (CCV) to advance the development to construction. The commencement date of June 9, 2021 was approved by Council (December 14, 2020). Working with an internal working committee, staff are assisting the proponent throughout the design phase of the project. Additionally, staff are preparing concept drawings of surrounding parking and amenities to support the integration with CCV. “
Juxtapose this report alongside Ms. Linthorne’s presentation of the new twenty-page Corporate Communications Strategy. 
On page 3, Mayor Charbonneau states, “Our efforts to increase two-way communication between the municipality and the public continue.  I’m proud of our ongoing commitment to accessible, timely and transparent communication with all stakeholders.”
Please consider this:            
The residents who live directly adjacent to the development, those in the Edinburgh Condos, Mrs. Johnson (living at the corner of Elgin and Harbour Streets, the residents on the east side of Harbourt Street from Elgin to Green Streets, could be invited to a meeting regarding these concept drawings.  They have never been personally approached, questioned, surveyed, or brought into the discussion as this project has progressed.  Their input has never been sought.
They may have had their three minutes from time to time at an OPEN FORUM or a public meeting, and a couple of them have taken it upon themselves to address you (Council) in a delegation, but we all know that is not the same as being included in any meaningful way. This village is directly impacting each of them and they have been excluded from all discussion. How does this fit with the “increased efforts for two-way communication” or “transparent communication with stakeholders”?
These people are going to be facing this development for as long as they live there. It’s not too late to let them have some input.
Patricia Corrigan-Frank
Port Elgin Beach Preservers