Southampton’s famous giant flag temporarily waves no longer

It may not appear to be long or large when laying on the ground, but the flag pole that hosts the famous Southampton flag on the shore of Lake Huron, when standing upright is another story.

Horizontal flag pole

The pole was removed earlier this week (Sept. 6) and laid horizontally on High Street in order to re-paint it and also inspect it for any cracks that may have occurred. The 135 ft. flag pole, originally designed to mark each year of the town on its 135th anniversary, is usually topped by a giant 25 x 50 ft. flag weighing in excess of 50 pounds, weather permitting.

At any sign of a storm through the marine weather forecasting, the Friends of the Flag volunteers are quick to remove the flag and replace it with a smaller replica.


It is unfortunate however, that the pole was removed only days before the demise of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, when the giant flag would have flown at half mast in Her honour and, particularly, since Southampton, Ontario bears the name of Southampton, England, both ports on different waterways.