Storm Signal baskets an early predictor of weather on the Great Lakes

High above the trees on shore, woven baskets hang from poles … the early weather predictors of a bygone era for sailors out on the waters of the Great Lakes.
Storm signals (baskets) were part of the early landscape at the mouth of the Saugeen River mouth at Lake Huron in Southampton, that led into the Harbour of Refuge overseen by Chantry Island Lighthouse.  Today, the area is known as Pioneer Park.
In the park, now maintained by the Marine Heritage Society (MHS)/Propeller Club, ‘replica’ storm signals were installed in the 1990s as part of continuing the historic marine heritage of Southampton on Lake Huron and they have now been hoisted once again.
While COVID interrupted the process of repairing previous storm signals to creating new ones that began in 2020, volunteers worked during the past winter to recreate the traditional marine signal system.  After a winter-long restoration endeavour, volunteers have again returned the Storm Signal Baskets at the north end of Pioneer Park.
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Below the signals is a utility shed where visitors can view a diagram map depicting the many shipwrecks that lie at the bottom of Lake Huron off the shores of Southampton.