The 80th anniversary of the Normandy Invasion

This year, June 6th marks the 80th anniversary of the Normandy Invasion by the Allies. The Canadians landed at Juno Beach. Many of our local boys were part of the invasion that day and in the weeks that followed. Four of them died during the intense fighting before the Germans were pushed out of that area, and they are buried with dignity in Normandy.

They were:

Saugeen First Nation

Stafford David Nawash     Landed June 18th,     Died August 10th.


Laird Redford Beresford.   Landed June 6th,      Died July 4th
Angus Monroe McLeod      Landed July 4th,       Died July 25th

Saugeen Township

Ralph George Black          Landed July 16th,     Died August 8th

We Shall Remember Them

by G. William Streeter June 4, 2024