Where is public transportation for seniors? asks reader

To the Editor:
In the report recently issued by the Provincial Government, the purpose of the gas tax funding is to assist in funding for public transportation to permit communities to connect, while also allowing social contact with friends, relieving any stress related issues and other purposes.
I have scanned through this report, searching for the funding received by Bruce County. The only reference I could find for Saugeen Shores was that they would share $750,000 with eight other communities in Grey/Bruce. Separately, Owen Sound will receive $260,000. Grey County received $1,850,000 in 2020 and a further $1,200,000 in 2021, to extend their public transportation service until March, 2025.
For the past two years, Grey County has been providing this connecting service with several communities within Grey County, Bruce County and Orangeville for a $3.00 or $5.00 ridership fee. Last year, I was informed by one of our councillors, that Bruce County was working with Grey County to tie into their system. It does not appear that that any funding has been applied for.  I have previously commented on this subject, i.e. that Saugeen Shores is isolated from other nearby communities via public transportation.
Using the Legacy Fund, the town has constructed the first phase of the new ball park at the extreme south end of Port Elgin and will continue with the second phase in the Spring. Also work will commence on the new Pool and Wellness Centre in the Spring. Both of these facilities will provide recreational opportunities for all residents but for the most part the younger citizens.
Voter turnout in the recent municipal elections was a shameful 38.8%. Many residents do not even know what the Legacy Fund is, or where it gets its money from. They do not realize that it is funded through a line item in our property taxes bill. In a two- month period between October, 2022 and December, 2022, the cost estimate for the Pool and Wellness Centre increased from $26 million to $50 million. Mayor Charbonneau said that the Legacy Fund could handle the ” mortgage” payments to carry the $40 million plus loan, that has to be taken out.
My question to our Mayor, the guy who runs the show is “What are you doing for the Seniors in this town?”
Using the apparent endless supply of money that appears to be available in the Legacy Fund, may I suggest a bus route between Port Elgin and Southampton as a starter, which should be extended to the new ball park. Later on, you are going to have to provide a bus system to the new Pool complex. The new subdivisions are being located further and further away from the core of town.
My wife and are super seniors and, like many other seniors in town, we may lose our confidence or abilities to drive and join those who already have, or cannot afford a car. I wrote about this subject last year, and It did not appear to go anywhere. Perhaps with our new council members, they will be a bit more sympathetic to the needs of our seniors.
Allan Murray