A Southampton home of whimsy and imagination

While every home is unique, the home of Heidi and Bob Shields with son Mathew in Southampton is like stepping through the looking glass into Alice in Wonderland’s world.

Heidi’s creativity is everywhere. From the hand-painted faux tiles that spill from the floors up onto walls and doors to the intricate mosaic-sized pieces that make up an entire mirrored wall, her artistic magic is everywhere filling up the senses with visual delights.

The master bedroom and ensuite is an underwater experience where giant yet delicate hand-painted fantail goldfish ‘swim’ across the walls as tiny bubbles float from the ceiling.

Life-sized golden era movie stars such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe fill doors and Christmas is evident throughout the two storied home.  With seven Christmas trees and lights strung in every room, there is no doubt that this is a family who likes Christmas to the ‘n’th degree.

On entering the foyer, one is hard-pressed not to smile at the whimsy. To the left is a ‘den’  of sorts where a large bi-wing plane hangs suspended in front of the mirrored tile wall while a snow-white mannequin, from what was once the Owen Sound Sears store, perches daintily on the edge of a large white coffee table.  A Wurlitzer juke-box, stop lights and swordfish add touches of colour in the all-white room.

The garage did not escape Heidi’s creative touch.  The floor is pristine high-gloss white with a black storage wall filled with colourful craft items, a white bar and a birdhouse in vibrant colours complete what is definitely not a place to store a vehicle.

Outside is the domain of Bob Shields and, from top to bottom, trees to hedge, there are hundreds of lights creating a twinkling fairyland.

The Shields home on Peel Street in Southampton is one of imagination, surprise and whimsy around every corner that makes most visitors happy just to be in it.

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