Case Counts reported November 20, 2021

Three new cases have been reported in the past 24 hours in Grey Bruce in Huron Kinloss bringing the total confirmed cases to date to 2,485.

·       31 active cases
·       129 active high-risk contacts
·       2430 resolve cases
·       1 confirmed local active cases hospitalized in Grey Bruce due to COVID-19
·       0 confirmed case from Grey Bruce is hospitalized outside of Grey Bruce due to COVID-19
·       15 deaths in Grey Bruce
·       +1 death related to a Grey Bruce resident that acquired the infection and was treated outside of Grey Bruce
·       +7 deaths related to Grey Bruce residents that acquired the infection in Grey Bruce however passed away outside of Grey Bruce
·       Local and Provincial data may not align as cases with unconfirmed cause of death are not included above but are included in the Provincial data.
·       121 cases reported in health care workers; reports health care workers living in Grey Bruce and working both in and outside Grey Bruce

Vaccine data overview not available on holidays and weekends.

Resolved and Active Case by Municipality data not available on holidays and weekends. Will be updated Monday, November 22.