Celtic Music returns for a repeat performance

Local musicians are gearing up for two repeat performances of their benefit concert “Will Ye No Come Back Again”- a Celtic-inspired folk program with solos, duets, trios, instrumental and choral pieces.

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The involved parties include the A Cappella Chamber Choir conducted by Jeanette Steeves, as well as local classical trio Aria 21.

The musicians first performed this concert at Southampton United Church (SUC) in September of 2018. “We were approached by SUC to do a concert similar to Celtic Woman,” recalls Soprano Liz Coates, “ We weren’t super familiar with the group, so did some research and came up with a Celtic inspired program of folk songs from Canada and the British Isles.”

“This is all familiar music” commented pianist Christina Edwards “ It’s a part of our heritage in this area and it’s performed with such a positive energy that is just contagious!”.

The concert, which was named after the upbeat closing number, was a resounding success with lots of positive feedback from audience members and participants alike.

Soon the queries began: “I had people asking me about a repeat performance less than 48 hours after the first concert” remarked Coates. Edwards continued “ Tolmie Presbyterian simply asked me outright- would we consider an encore performance in their space? They said the concert was lovely and such a success, would we ever consider repeating it in another location?” Soon they were rallying together all the singers and instrumentalists. Luckily, almost all the original participants were able to come back as well as some new additions to the choir.

“There are so many talented people in our area who love this music and whose contributions add extra brilliance and texture,” comments Meghan De Jager, “With a concert of folk songs we wanted variety as well. We had the idea of inviting A Cappella to collaborate with us under the brilliant direction of Jeanette Steeves, knowing the choir’s love for Celtic music as well as, of course, their excellent execution. On top of that, our lovely instrumentalists really add another dimension! Were so pleased to have such talented and enthusiastic musicians work with us for these concerts!”

De Jager continues “This concert is full of pieces that people know and love dearly. There is something special about songs we can all sing together. This music expresses universal experiences in a refreshing and simple way.”

Will Ye No Come Back Again will be at Tolmie Memorial Presbyterian Church at 7pm on Saturday January 19th and Kincardine United Church on Sunday January 20th at 3pm. Admission by Donation