Fundraising continues to save the Saugeen River range light

The historic range light at the mouth of the Saugeen River on Lake Huron has been battered and beaten by the elements over the past two years due to high winds creating giant wave action during one of the highest water levels seen on Lake Huron.


The light that stands at the mouth of the River is currently undergoing major restoration attempts thanks to fundraising efforts by the community under the leadership of the Marine Heritage Society (MHS).

So far, because of the generous donations from so many people and organizations, cash and pledges for over $60,000 have been raised with fundraising still continuing.

According to MHS President Eric Tolton, the work on the top part of the exterior of the structure is complete.  Shingles to replace all of the ones below the balcony have also been received and will be stained in the Southampton Boathouse prior to installation which is anticipated to be completed in October.

As part of the fundraising effort, Domino’s Pizza is offering to donate $5.00 from every order on Wednesday, September 15th, towards the Range Light Restoration.