Renowned artist supports the little Southampton Range Light that needs help


The Marine Heritage Society, caretakers of the Chantry Island Lighthouse and historic range lights on the Southampton coastline, are currently undertaking a restoration of the Southampton Harbour range light at the mouth of the Saugeen River mouth.

The light has undergone a battering of winter weather and high water levels that have created extensive damage but the light continues to be a beacon for boaters.

Work has begun on the restoration of the Range Light and is expected to be completed this fall.  Long-term work to prevent damage during future damage periods of high water is also being explored and the Marine Heritage Society is working closely with the town of Saugeen Shores to review options.

The Marine Heritage Society and Propeller Club have been working to raise funds for the repairs with a goal of $20,000.

Save the iconic Saugeen River Range Light: fundraising campaign begins

One of Southampton’s favourite entertainers, David Archibald, who has performed in a wide variety of venues in the area, has created a song dedicated to the River Range light.

The money raised to date will cover most of the costs to repair the Front Range.  McNabb Point range light however needs extensive structural work and the Front Range needs major work to prevent future damage.  Marine Heritage does not yet have a definitive total yet but it will be expensive.  The engineer’s estimate for the preventative work alone is $200,000.