Future derailed by a very small group

To the Editor:

Jim Reid’s letter to the editor was insightful. He is thinking clearly as usual. He’s taken a confused argument and shown it so we can all see what it is. It now stands as a symbol for erratic thinking. Those who opposed the Museum – Bruce Power Innovation Institute used the old church rectory very effectively. They are getting good at disruption and disinformation. For that we must give them credit.

A symbol appeared out of nowhere and quashed a great idea. This symbol was heralded in by a whistle, which shut down a public meeting. Bruce Power decided that they can put the Innovation Institute any place in Bruce County and be welcomed without being shouted down by a small minority in a public information meeting..

The old manse was sold by the congregation to the County of Bruce without fanfare. I’m sure that there are plenty of Church members who would like to have kept it, but they chose not to do so. I’m also sure that, when they built their new addition to the church, the old house was discussed.  Knowing them, they carefully considered further use and cost.

There was never in the past a vocal and concerned core group that found a use for it. Were you ever asked to contribute to a ‘Save the Manse’ fund in the past? I don’t remember it going up for sale. Maybe it did. Maybe there was a group, but that must have been in the pre-whistle era.

Now look what happened. A vision of 150 years into the future was derailed by a very small group of people.

What is their plan? Do they know the County and Museum’s plan for the addition? I don’t see them volunteering at the Museum. Work there a while and see what you think about the new expansion.

Does a symbol of a whistle suit the situation better than the Manse?

We must all understand the impact of robotics, the Cloud and Artificial Intelligence on the future of all of us.

Mike Sterling