Giving to others is a motto for the Little family

Olivia Little, who just turned 10, has wanted to do something this Christmas season to help those who are in need.
“Not everybody can go to the fridge and get something to eat when they’re hungry,” says Olivia.  “We have to try to help.”
Then, the opportune time came. The family was approached by a marketing company to participate in an interview-survey for rare diseases, of which Olivia has one – Cystinosis.
The interview was to become part of information collected in the rare disease sector for a pharma company and they were willing to pay for it.
“What the company didn’t realize however,” says mom, Erin Little, “is that we do not take any money from any pharma company as it is a complete conflict of interest in our advocacy work.”
The family struggled over the decision. “We knew that if we said no, someone else would speak for us. So, what to do?”
Then, the answer came.  It came from Olivia’s wish to be able to help others.
Erin Little asked the company if it would be willing to write a cheque for $500 for a local Food Bank.  “They were happy to do it.”
“The girls had been to Living Hope to see the Food Bank and we talked to them about the money and donating it. They didn’t hesitate.  So, of course, that is where it had to go,” said Erin Little. “Sometimes serendipity steps in and good things happen.  This is about, not only giving back, but it is also a chance for the girls to take part in a life lesson.”
  (L) Trish Verburg (Living Hope Food Bank accepts donation                                   from Olivia and Harper Little