LHFC volunteers raise and provide fish for stocking Lake Huron

The old saying that ‘many hands make light work’ was never more true than on Sunday, May 19th when volunteers gathered at the Lake Huron Fishing Club (LHFC) hatchery in Port Elgin.

Volunteers gathered – (C) Dave Myette (Hatchery Mgr.), (R) volunteer Tom Stewart, (L) volunteer Dick Verrips

The volunteers were there to load some 80,000 salmon ‘fry’ (young salmon) of approximately eight months into tanks that would take them to various launch locations, including upper Saugeen River in Walkerton, Pike’s Bay and the Bruce Peninsula Sportsmen’s Association (BPSA).

Harold Cowan empties ‘fry’ into the oxygenated tank for transport

Each year, the hatchery raises salmon and trout that are then released into fresh water rivers that empty into Lake Huron.

Both Port Elgin and Kincardine hatcheries are completely operated by volunteers with limited funding from the Ministry of Natural Resource and Fisheries (MNRF).

The Lake Huron Fishing Club also carries out an elementary school outreach program with some 50 schools in Huron and Bruce counties.

The LHFC provides the schools with fish eggs and then helps them maintain aquariums where fish are raised by students to be released in the Spring, giving students an understanding of wildlife and nature.


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