Now is the time to plan your Spring tree planting project

This season showcases Grey and Bruce County’s amazing forests like no other time of year, making this area such a special and unique place to live! With many people out enjoying their forests and those which stand tall at our conservation areas, Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority’s (SVCA) Forestry staff are reminding everyone that now is the time to think about spring tree planting.

Saugeen Times file photo

Grey and Bruce County residents within SVCA’s watershed are being encouraged to call or email the office to book a free site visit and take advantage of substantial cost savings for spring tree planting. Native tree species are planted and sold at a reduced rate through programs administered by SVCA, including the 50 Million Tree Program, and private business sponsorship opportunities are available for landowners with at least 1 acre of open land.

“We have been able to secure funds to help drastically reduce the overall cost to landowners. Depending on the planned project, landowners may only need to pay 25% of the total project cost. Our staff are happy to work with landowners to develop a customized tree planting plan for your property” says Donna Lacey, Manager of Forestry and Lands at SVCA.

SVCA has set a goal of planting 30,000 trees in 2021, but we need your help! Over the past 70 years, SVCA has planted over 5.7 million trees locally. This would not have been possible without the support of landowners who want to access the countless benefits that planting trees can provide, such as making use of marginal or less productive land; reducing heating and cooling costs; and leaving a legacy for future generations. When you plant trees, it also helps increase resilience to the impacts of flooding, drought and severe weather events and improves soil retention.

“When you plant trees, it is such a positive activity that benefits everyone in society. There are numerous benefits such as improved air and water quality, as well as creating valuable habitat for many different wildlife species”, says Lacey. Tree planting along streams or to fill in forest clearings is especially beneficial!

For those who want fewer trees to plant themselves, SVCA also sells seedlings and larger stock through order forms that will be available in January, 2021, which makes it easy to purchase high-quality trees in bulk. There will be a variety of species available with prices starting at only $0.75 per tree. (,

If you are looking to make a positive impact on your property and beyond, consider planting trees and make an investment that keeps on growing!