Recently elected MP comments on Throne Speech

Alex Ruff, MP for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, issued the following statement on the missed priorities of the Liberal Government’s Throne Speech.

“Canadians expected to see a government that had learned from its past mistakes and had listened to the electorate with the return of the new Parliament. Instead, I was disappointed to see that the Throne Speech lacked any plan to unite our country, or to get Canadians back to work in hard hit regions. Instead of working together to heal regional divides and put national unity at the forefront, the Liberal Government continues to foster a greater urban-rural divide.

“Priorities for rural Canadians were woefully missing from Justin Trudeau’s Throne Speech. Considering the significance of agriculture to Bruce—Grey—Owen Sound and many other communities across Canada, Justin Trudeau failed to include any support for our beef and crop farmers who have had a difficult year due to global trade uncertainty and rising costs from the Carbon Tax.

“And, despite campaigning on the importance of rural broadband access in Bruce—Grey—Owen Sound during the election, it appears Justin Trudeau has abandoned his promise on an important priority for rural communities across the country and in our community.

“However, it was encouraging to see the much-anticipated support for our veterans, mental health care, and an emphasis on collaboration between all levels of government present in the Throne Speech. I will be watching to see what concrete action the government brings forward in this Parliamentary session to make this happen.

“If the Trudeau government is truly serious about working together, they should start by adopting the priorities Conservatives put forward with the amendment to the Throne Speech which include offering a plan for tax relief for Canadians with a path to a balanced budget, restoring Canada as a place to invest, developing a real environment plan that tackles global climate change, helping Canadians to achieve their full potential, and restoring confidence in our national institutions by returning ethics and accountability to the federal government.

 “Conservatives believe our country is stronger when we work together. A united Canada, is a strong and prosperous Canada. With the return of Parliament, I will continue to champion priorities that will make life more affordable and create opportunities that will benefit people here in Bruce—Grey—Owen Sound, and across Canada.”