Saugeen First Nation honours its own who served and fought for Canada

When it came to serving Canada during war time, many young men of the First Nations stepped forward without hesitation both in World Wars I and II.

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On Remembrance Day this year (2021), approximately 100 people gathered at Saugeen First Nation to honour and remember those who had served in both World wars representing Canada.

In addition, many also went to the United States where they served in its military such as the United States Marines.

                                               Saugeen First Nation Cenotaph – for larger view Cick on Image

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Among the names of those who serve are those such as  Mathew Solomon Mandawoub and the brothers Arthur, Ernest and Maurice John.

On the main street of Southampton each year (High Street), leading up to Remembrance Day, commemorative banners hang in remembrance of the brave young men who went to war.