Southampton returns to a Remembrance Day ceremony

It was a blustery Remembrance Day with east winds along Lake Huron but, unlike many previous years, there was no rain or snow and the temperature was fairly mild.

In Southampton, after last year’s cancellation due to COVID-19, it was a return to an outdoor ceremony, with restriction limits, as many lined the street and gathered around the Cenotaph on High Street.


 Southampton Legion Sgt. Mjr. Charles Schmalz lead the parade


The usual parade was considerably smaller but no less meaningful and, while the Community Band was absent, those in attendance sang the National Anthem and God Save the Queen a cappella.

                                         Dignitaries wait to place wreaths – for larger view, Click on Image
      Padre Rev. Ann Veyvara-Divinski  and Legion Pres. Mike Jukes lead the opening ceremony –                                                           for larger view, Click on Image
(C) Legion Padre Ann Veyvara-Divinski   and flag bearer Dolores Spielmacher


Southampton Legion Padre, Rev. Ann Veyvara-Divinski, lead the ceremony in prayer and reminded everyone that this year’s Remembrance Day was a chance to again meet and see neighbours.

“It is also a reminder for us to think of those who fought and sacrificed for freedom and without whom we would not be here today.”



Wreaths were laid by representatives of all levels of government along with those who wanted to remember family members who had been lost in war-time.