SDSS students continue to make their mark in the community

Saugeen District Senior School (SDSS) trades students have made their mark in the community.

They have worked on many projects initiated by teacher Bud Halpin in partnership with the Town of Saugeen Shores and many trades companies who work with the students on-site.

“The companies that we have partnered with have been incredible,” says Halpin.  “They accept the students and teach them with hands-on learning and mentoring.  It has made a real difference for these young people, many who have gone on to actually become employed with some of these companies.”


The students above contributed to the environment by building a ‘brown bat’ condo and many bat houses to help the endangered species.  The ‘condo’ was built for MacGregor Point Provincial Park with another on the horizon.

In addition, they created birdhouses, again, for the endangered bluebird.



Westlinks Housing Project

                                       Students at the housing project at Westlinks in Port Elgin

(L) Jessica Henderson, Cheyenne Woods, Jacob Stewardson & Kristian Overlay                  in the loft of the Westlink townhouse they helped to build

Port Elgin Beach project

Ahmad El Ibrahim helped with the                 beach project


Also out-of-doors, the students have constructed the boardwalk extension at Port Elgin Main Beach.  The boardwalk makes the area more accessible for those with accessibility challenges.








According to teacher, Bud Halpin, plans are already underway to continue on-site education in the trades for the fall semester this year (2020).