The Big Spend coming soon

Dear Editor:

As Lead Pastor at SouthPort Church in Saugeen Shores, I am writing to let everyone know about a community initiative focused on supporting small businesses across Canada, as they seek to find their way forward through this difficult time. 

The Big Spend happens on July 25th.  The goal is to invite Canadians to spend on purpose at a local business as a way to support them right now.  As a local church/community leader, I believe in the value of local business and appreciate their contribution to our community.

I’ll be encouraging our church and all others to fully participate and share this opportunity with their memberships, encouraging them to share it on their social media pages as well.

There’s no cost to participate.  

The national goal is to generate a $100 Million spend on July 25th to give our local businesses a ‘Christmas in July’ this year.

Project Vision

The Canadian economy is facing its most significant upheaval in a century. Locally owned businesses around the country are at risk of closing their doors permanently. Local business makes our communities run. They pay salaries and taxes, support community events and sponsor sports teams. They are where we go to make our memories. 

As COVID restrictions are relaxed, those same businesses need our support in recovery in the same way that they have supported our communities time and time again. We are coordinating a spending kickstart at a local level. This is a non-partisan, non-political initiative intended to benefit communities across Canada.

SouthPort Church has partnered with Leading Influence and is launching a community initiative called “The Big Spend.” The Big Spend is about challenging Canadians to spend on purpose in a locally owned business on July 25th. It’s a collaborative effort that includes churches, chambers of commerce, business associations, service organizations, etc., partnering together to leverage their networks and support a crucial sector of our national economy.

This investment in real lives during this challenging time will have a tremendous impact. It’s something we can doIt’s something we should do to help rebuild our communities in a big way. 

We LOVE our Saugeen Shores Community and I hope you WILL participate with us. 

David Baker,
SouthPort Pentecostal Church